This new site
 presents our Smart Knowledge Engine that re-visualises any 2D image in ‘True Colour 3D’ – as Antarctica in this satellite image – re-visualised below.

To familiarise yourself with this unique visualisation, I’m working on:

The advantages of ‘True Colour 3D‘ are:

  • visual:
    • you see more structure and detail;
    • you can move the image around and look at it from all angles – adding light and colour for impact and effect;
  • metric:
    • our re-visualisations show ‘Digital Colour Brightness‘ – as a new ‘digital yardstick’ – to establish references and standards;
    • Digital Colour Brightness is the numerical combination of Red, Green and Blue – produced by the imaging technology that digitises light and colour with its respective technique;
  • numerical:
    • we compare images numerically and thus can automate the analysis of images in a unique way;
    • ‘Domain Experts’ can set ‘tolerance boundaries’so that ‘off limit events’ can be flagged for ‘Smart Monitoring‘.

But the real WOW! and AMAZING! comes when you test drive the engine yourself – with your own images!

The larger the screen, the bigger your WOW!