First I wrote for Image Reports – the UK trade magazine for large format printers. The editor Lesley Simpson was intrigued by what I have to offer and thought that some of her  members might be interested, as they are often participating in large exhibitions. 

Then I wrote for Microscope Master – the excellent website by Hayley Anderson of Bishops University in Quebec: 

Next I wrote an abstract for the Microscience Microscopy Congress.

Their conference will be in Manchester in July 2017, but I have not heard back from them. 

In the spirit of Corinium‘s Connected Thinking I spoke with fascinating data analysts at their conference for Chief Analytics Officers.

Last Tuesday I was in the historic Town Hall in Bethnal Green which was turned into a Digital Town Hall by Digital Town who are based in Seattle – as one of the many Tech Week events.

In the context of smart cities, they want to ensure that London will rank first! I was most impressed and enthused and blogged about it here.  I also put three pages with links and screenshots together:

Having learned about Fab Labs as an outreach project by the MIT Centre for Bits and Atoms, I wrote

The Turing Lecture Fifty Years of Learning from Data inspired me to write

And the Royal Society event on The growing ubiquity of algorithms in society triggered: 

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