Towards MSc Projects

Generic Visualisation Style looking for Multi-Dimensional Data Explorations

An Invitation to MSc Students to Gather, Differentiate and Learn from Layering mD Data


In December 2012 I posted I’ve turned the mathematical curse of dimensionality into the Software Solution of Layering Complex Data[1] on an old blog.

More recently I met a developer who liked the challenge of turning my offline prototype into an online Smart Knowledge Engine.

It is now work in progress and has produced these screenshots of ‘layering’ multi-dimensional data:


In Visual 3D[2] we unclutter into Layers[3] the series that Excel draws on top of each other
Excel The same data layered – with controls to vary ‘visual comparability’
Three air pollutants
in daily, weekly and 2-weekly series
The same data
layered with controls to ‘compare and contrast’ visually
Five air pollutants
in daily and weekly series
The same data in ten layers where the colour scheme can be varied


The challenges now are

  1. To find compelling data sets illustrating insights that could not have been gained from using conventional visualisation methods;
  2. To describe not only the data sets used and their source, but, above all, the problems they address, the insights gained and their value – whether theoretical, practical, for policy, grant writing or other purposes.

The input data must simply consist of a single spreadsheet which can also contain a chart of the input.

Data sets abound in the public domain, but UCL may have its own recommendations and preferences.


As a pre-start-up SME, we are not in a position to provide any finance. But as the mathematician and software designer, I am available to supervise any time and liaise with my developer, when needed.

Sabine K McNeill

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