Towards the Microscience Microscopy Congress 2017: microanalysis of images in #TrueColour3D

Among today’s emails was the newsletter of the Royal Microscopy Society sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Their article Introducing a better way to do X-ray microanalyis includes this image that resulted in this re-visualisation:

When you click here, you can move the re-visualisation as an object and try the controls of our Smart Knowledge Engine on the right. 

The newsletter advertises the Microscience Microscopy Congress 2017 in Manchester in July. 

The email prompted me to start new galleries of re-visualisations including:

Who knows what micro-analysts will see that I can’t see???

Here’s the article I wrote for Microscope Master:

© Copyright Sabine K McNeill 1996 – 2017 


This new site
 presents our Smart Knowledge Engine that re-visualises any 2D image in True Colour 3D – as Antarctica in this satellite image – re-visualised below – with Pixel Accuracy.

To familiarise yourself with this unique visualisation style, I’m working on:

The qualities of True Colour 3D are:

  • visual:
    • you see more structure and detail from many perspectives;
    • you can move the image around as an object and look at it from all angles – adding light and colour for impact and effect;
  • metric:
    • our re-visualisations show Digital Colour Brightness – as a new ‘digital yardstick’ – to establish new references and standards;
    • Digital Colour Brightness is the numerical representation produced by the imaging technology that digitises light and colour with its respective technique;
  • numerical:
    • we compare images numerically and thus can automate the analysis of images in a unique way;
    • ‘Domain Experts’ can set ‘selection criteria’ with ‘tolerance boundaries’ so that ‘off limit events’ can be flagged during ‘Smart Monitoring‘.

But the real WOW! and AMAZING! comes when you test drive the engine yourself – with your own images!

The larger the screen, the bigger your WOW!

Previous sites were based on our offline prototype.