Digital Colour Brightness

That’s what we are showing, by re-visualising digital images:


‘Digital Colour Brightness’! 

It is

The right kind of ‘domain experts’ with the right kind of ‘reference images’ will greatly contribute to  the sciences of

  • Vision and Imaging
    • Microscopy at nanoscale
    • Cameras at human scale
    • Satellite images
    • Telescopes
  • Displays and Imaging Technologies
    • TV and medical
    • measuring resolutions
    • pixel sizes and materials
  • Materials
    • surfaces
    • buildings
    • biomedical
  • Health and Medicine
    • diagnosis
    • monitoring therapy
    • high throughput processing for research
  • Earth Sciences
    • satellite images
  • Space Science
    • telescopic images.

Here are 9 PowerPoint slides about ‘Digital Colour Brightness’ in ‘True Colour 3D’.

And here they are as video of 4 minutes.

More videos as samples of test driving our Smart Knowledge Engine are on YouTube on this Smart Knowledge Space channel.

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