What’s so Smart?

New Visualisation Styles for images and structured data – independent of application and scale:

Stem cells Mona Lisa painting Nanoparticles in Brownian Motion
http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/77 http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/177 http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/23
Re-visualisations by our Smart Knowledge Engine as ‘work in progress’


The offline prototype shows unsorted and sorted layers along a ‘visual z-axis’ – compared with Excel.
Our online engine shows data as a movable object in ‘Visual 3D’


What is innovative and different about our Numerical Image Analysis?

  1. Re-visualising images in True Colour 3D
  2. with Pixel Accuracy – as the first step towards
  3. quantifying qualities in Digital Colour Brightness – the universal yardstick for
  4. Smart Monitoring: the automated numerical comparison of images – especially at nano- and telescopic scales – to develop
  5. Digital 3D Metrics: the use of our software for measuring on-screen instead of physical instruments.

These 3 pages spell it out:

  • the uniqueness of the mathematics behind the code;
    • 2D images become movable objects in ‘Visual 3D‘;
  • Smart Monitoring‘ is the result of combining ‘domain expertise’ of humans with number crunching by machines;
  • Digital Colour Brightness’ in ‘True Colour 3D‘ is a new ‘generic yardstick’:
    • reference images and reference technologies can be established for any given scale and application;
    • standards can be developed for materials and displays, in health and wellness as well as disease and illness;
    • the virtual world of images becomes new ‘continents of exploration’.

To protect the uniqueness of our software method, the request to grant a patent is in preparation. 

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