‘Reality 3D’

‘Reality 3D’ cromprises 3 new visualisation styles:

  • True Colour 3D‘ for images,
  • Visual 3D for multi-dimensional data
  • and ‘ChronoMetric 3D’ for time series and different trend periods. 

1.  ‘True Colour 3D for images – independent of application and scale:

Stem cells Mona Lisa painting Nanoparticles in Brownian Motion
http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/77 http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/177 http://www.smart-knowledge-portals.uk/projects/23
Re-visualisations by our Smart Knowledge Engine as ‘work in progress’
  • 2. ‘Visual 3D for multi-dimensional time series – independent of application, time intervals and trend periods:
The offline prototype shows unsorted and sorted layers along a ‘visual z-axis’ – compared with Excel.
Our online engine shows data as a movable object in ‘Visual 3D’ – in contrast to the ‘flat’ Excel chart.


3. ‘ChronoMetric’ 3D – for re-presenting time series and trend periods in new ways. These 2D charts will be shown with depth along ‘visual z’:


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