Is it Worth Money?

How can we finance Deepening Understanding and Increasing Intelligence?

  • These 3 pages show that we’re a golden opportunity – for early adopting clients and / or investors.

The Team:

  • Sabine K McNeill – who used to diagnose software are CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, in Geneva;
  • Neil Lowden – who used to work for UBS in London, Asia and Zurich, before he settled down in the Philippines;
  • private funders – who made it possible to deliver what we show now.

Academic Advisors:

The first of three Software Methods for structured data: 

Smart Knowledge Engine online that processes

  • images – nearly finished as ‘work in progress’:
  • multi-dimensional time series – soon finished:
    • to layer them along a ‘visual z-axis’
    • as a movable object in ‘virtual 3D’
  • time series – as soon as finance is available:
    • for forecasting
    • and comparing historic, short-, medium- and long-term trends.

The Opportunity: 

  • in the Public Interest:
    • by making Open Data accessible as ‘smart data’ for the Smart Knowledge Engine, a plethora of training opportunities arises to address the Data Skills gap in the UK, as published by techUK;
  • in the commercial interest:
    • our response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Policy document illustrates the scope of applications for our generic methods.

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