What’s in it for you? Should you bother? 

  • In general:
    • deepen understanding and increase intelligence to make better decisions.
  • In particular:
    • IMAGES in True Colour 3D:
      • seeing more structure and detail in individual images;
      • monitoring quality in automated image analysis.
    • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL DATA in Layers: [not fully operational yet]:
      • visually comparing time series that couldn’t be compared so far – for making better policy and strategy decisions;
      • cybernetically controlling data environments through automated comparisons of time series.

But here are screenshots produced with mathematical data to give you a glimpse:

In detail:

Numerical IMAGE ANALYSIS offers for ‘Domain Experts’: 

  • Pixel accuracy and measurement precision – instead of ‘uncertainties’ and ‘probabilities’ associated with metrology, the science of measuring;
  • defining selection criteria for ‘exceptional’ images;
  • setting boundary conditions for ‘normal’ images.

High Throughput Automation or Smart Monitoring of Real Time Productions:

  • establishing ‘reference images’ to illustrate ‘normal’ conditions;
  • controlling quality by safeguarding conditions of normality;
  • flagging up exceptional conditions and events;
  • finding ‘reference technologies for ‘reference scales‘;
  • deriving ‘reference standards‘:
    • whether in surface coating at nanoscale;
    • the production of building materials;
    • the quality of imaging technologies regarding resolution and the numerical representation of light and colour;
    • analysing cancer and blood cells in microscopic images
    • or hairline fractures in x-rays…

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