Smart Monitoring

The advantage of our special kind of ‘expert system‘ is the combination of Human Intelligence [HI] and Machine Learning [ML].

For the strength of humans is the recognition of patterns and of change.

The power of machines is number crunching.

We take the best of both worlds:

  1. Domain Experts who are familiar with their images, select ‘reference images‘ and examine their re-visualisations;
  2. Reference Images are representative of ‘standard’ or ‘normal’ conditions;
  3. Selection Criteria formulate what they are looking for;
  4. Boundary Conditions set the limits for ‘extreme’ situations;
  5. Monitoring Operators notice how many images are ‘off limits’;
  6. Quality can thus be observed over time and controlled by quantitative formulae.

Numerically, the quantifications are carried out in Digital Colour Brightness:

  • the digital representation of Light and Colour – as produced by the respective imaging technology.

Metrically, the values need to be associated with a measuring unit pertaining to the image content:

  • Domain Experts know what they are looking for and what they would like to compare numerically over time;
  • they build their own ontology or choose their terms from existing ones.

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