True Colour 3D

We have uploaded many different files to test the development of our Smart Knowledge Engine, as it is meant to

  • show images in ‘VISUAL 3D’
  • and multi-dimensional data in ‘LAYERS’.

So far, the ‘Visual 3D‘ button works to turn a 2D image into ‘True Colour 3D‘, such as this colour cube from Wikipedia. It leads to a video of 9 slides, if you click on it. The ‘Layers’ button is not fit for all test files yet.

We could marvel at moving images as an object, zooming with two fingers and trying out the controls to change details of light, colour and structure.

Videos are on the Smart Knowledge Space channel on YouTube.

Until the file management is made user friendly, here are some links with sample images in the engine. You move the object with the mouse or touchpad as in similar programs.

The Science of Imaging

The Visualisation of Sound

The Science of Materials at Nanoscale

Stem Cells in Different Colours

Blood Cells


Brain Scans


The Science of Materials for Making and Building

Earth Science

Space Science

Famous Paintings



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